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what is the concrete mix for a concrete footing

How to Choose Concrete for a Project: 7 Steps (with

Sep 29, 2018 · How to Choose Concrete for a Project. Whether you are building a driveway, setting fence posts, or placing a foundation for a large building, you need to know a few basic things before choosing the best concrete product for the job you are...

Method Statement for Footing Concrete Pouring

Care shall be taken to make sure that concrete mix is not dropping from more than a height of 2 meter. Concrete when introduced to the footing at first level of 400mm shall then be vibrated, the same shall be done for the succeeding layer of concrete until footing top level is reached.

How to Use Concrete Footings for Deck Posts

Your footing should be at least as thick as it is wide at its base. The ideal temperature for pouring concrete is between 50-90 degrees F. Make sure you use 5,000 psi concrete mix. Once you have poured half of the concrete into the tube, you should consolidate it with a shovel or a piece of rebar to eliminate air pocket voids.

Concrete Calculator – Square Footage Area

For large concrete jobs (of 4 cubic yards or more), the concrete calculator can help you see the amount which needs to be delivered by a ready-mix truck. For small to medium jobs, we advise you to mix your own concrete in a concrete mixer – or purchase sacks of ready-mix that only require water.

How to Pour Concrete Footers

A concrete footer is a kind of foundation for structures like outdoor decks, swing sets, and even wooden playgrounds. Pouring concrete footers is one of the first steps to building a strong and sturdy structure because the footer goes into the ground, giving a weighted base which helps keep your project from falling or sinking.

Residential Concrete Services

Residential Concrete Services. ... Calculate Slab Pours and Footing Pours. Residential Concrete Gallery. ... We are a full service concrete mix company serving South Florida in both the preparation and application aspects of the floor surfacing business. Call Now For A FREE Estimate.

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How to Pour Concrete Footings

Guide concrete into the footing hole with a shovel. This type of power mixer allows you to mix at the footing and pour directly from the mixer into the hole. You also can pour from a wheelbarrow, but it's better to use a round-nosed shovel and scoop the concrete from the wheelbarrow. Some concrete …

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Actual Concrete Mix Ratios For 3000, 3500, 4000, and 4500 psi

These concrete mix ratios for 3000, 3500, 4000, and 4500 psi concrete come from the ready mix concrete company I use to pour concrete floors, slabs, patios, pool decks, and stamped concrete. I'm going to show you the actual batch plant ticket they give me when the concrete trucks show up on the job and we pour the concrete. My name is Mike Day.

HZS Concrete Batching Plant-ELKON Concrete Batching Plant

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How to mix concrete for deck footings & piers

Concrete mixing procedure for home repairs, small projects, or design-build deck projects: How to prepare concrete for deck footings & piers. This article tells how to mix your own concrete or how & when to decide to order a concrete delivery when building a deck, porch, or exterior stairs.

Calculate Bags of Concrete Mix - Round + Square Footing Holes

Calculate Number of Bags of Pre-Mix Concrete Mix for Round and Square Footing Holes and Small Concrete Slabs. Directory ...

How To Find The Right Concrete Mix

High-strength concrete: Pre-mixed of cement, sand, gravel and additives, this concrete blend is perfect to use as a foundation, footer or bases for heavy equipment. It typically sets in about 10-12 hours. Crack-resistant cement: A pre-blended mix of cement, sand, gravel and additives, this mix is the most durable, meant to reduce cracking and ...

On-Site concrete calculator

The mix should be a stiff as possible. Use the largest aggregate practicable. Use the optimum ratio of fines to coarse aggregate. A low water to cement ratio is the number one issue that affects concrete quality. Do not add too much water. Components in concrete Portland Cement - the aggregate and sand is coated by a paste formed from the ...

Concrete 101

(pounds per square inch is the compressive strength of hardened concrete) Slump in "Inches" (stiffness, workability, and consistency of fresh concrete - avg 3-4") Admixtures if required (discuss your needs when ordering) Typical Residential Concrete Strength Specifications: Foundation Footing (2500 psi or 3000 psi) with air entrainment

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2020 Concrete Calculator | Concrete Estimator

Calculating these walls will require the length of the footing and wall, height and width of the footing and wall, along with the thickness of the footing and wall. For stem walls, calculate the footing area and the wall and finally, add them together. Concrete Calculator Formula

Concrete Footing Volume

Concrete is in general calculated in cubic yards - cy. Required concrete for footing can be calculated as. v = 0.0031 l w t (1) where . v = required concrete - cy (cu. yards) l = length of footing (ft) w = width of footing (ft) t = depth of footing (in) 1 cy (cubic yard) = 27 cubic feet; 1 ft = 12 in


The less water you use to mix the concrete (somewhat dry but workable) the stronger the concrete mix. Accurate concrete mixing ratios can be achieved by measuring the dry materials using buckets or some other kind of measuring device. By measuring the mixing ratios you will have a consistent concrete mix throughout your entire project.

How to Properly Mix Concrete — The Family Handyman

Whether you hand mix concrete in a plastic tub, homemade mixing tub or wheelbarrow, the technique is the same to find the right concrete mix ratio. However, it's easier to move and dump concrete that's mixed in a wheelbarrow. For larger jobs, you could rent a mixer ( per day), but it may be more economical to simply order ready-mix concrete.

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Concrete Mix Attributes, Instructions and Slumps

3/19/2019 · A concrete mix is like a chef’s good recipe. Concrete is composed of aggregates, Portland cement, water, and any other cementitious material or chemical admixture.Some concrete mixes will have entrapped air by using admixture or air-entraining cement.

Mixing Your Own Concrete

12/19/2019 · Mixing concrete from scratch involves the combination of portland cement, sand, coarse aggregate (crushed and graded stone), and water. The industry standard uses a 1-2-3 formula with one part portland cement, two parts sand, and three parts aggregate for a 4,500-psi mix.

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Concrete Mix Design: Understanding Aggregate

Aggregate shape’s effect on concrete quality. By Frank Bowen. Editor’s Note: This is the second article in a year-long series that explores the science of concrete to provide a better understanding of mix design.

Good mix for footings?

Your spot on gadgetman if it were a concrete mix. 4:2:1 is 4 parts 20mm stone with 2 parts sharp sand and 1 part cement but as you may well know ballast has 20mm and 10mm stone as well as sharp sand in it with often a random quantity of each.

Different Types of Concrete Strengths

MASTER MIX CONCRETE. Master Mix Concrete can save you money and time on your project. We do this in two ways; firstly, we offer same and next day delivery services to our customers in Watford, Harrow and the surrounding areas, and secondly, with our volumetric concrete service, you only pay for what you use.

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